HP Engineering Inc.

At Your Service.

HP Engineering was created to deliver the highest quality of service and support exceeding clients expectations.

We are a company of integrity, honesty and trust. Our goal is to build lasting relationships and deliver service solutions tailored to each client needs and wishes.

HP Engineering does not consider any quality control equipment obsolete because we believe that by partnering with original component designers and suppliers, and performing strategic sub-component upgrades when necessary, we can keep your equipment running in its peak performance for years to come.

Simply put, our goal is to give you the opportunity to use and utilize your quality control equipment as effectively as possible and as long as possible. We sincerely value our customers and will continue to strive toward providing unsurpassed performance within the industry.

About us

HP Engineering specializes in service and support of AGR-TopWave, Somex, AVID and AT2E manufactured and marketed instruments.

HP Engineering also offers new test equipment. See Products page for more information. 

Instruments for Plastic Bottles

  • GawisTM and Gawis-OD, all models including units with automatic bottle sampling. (2
  • Profiler Gauge, all models including units with barrier measurement.
  • Vision Bottle Gauge (VBG) and Container Dimensional Gauge (CDG), all models including units with automatic bottle sampling.
  • AVID AVBIS vision systems 3000M, 3000C and 3000P
  • AGR PPT & PPT3000 
  • Somex Hi-E PET and Delta 3000
  • Topload Testers
  • On-line inspection equipment, wall thickness and vision models, PETWall, PETWall+Vision etc.
  • AT2E bottle testing equipment (CO2-CS etc).
  • Volume Testers
  • Combi Testers
  • Creep Testers
  • Tebo Testers
  • Vacuum Testers
  • Hot Wire Cutters
  • Manual Gauges

Instruments for Preforms

  • Preform Thickness Gauge (PTG5004)
  • Preform Vision Gauge (PVG), all models including units with automatic preform sampling.
  • Light Polarizers
  • Manual Gauges

Instruments for Films

  • LayerGauge
  • Hot Tack Tester

Our Services

Building on Years of Trust and Quality

Preventive & Corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance (PM) is a schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures.


Calibration is the comparison of an instrument's measurement performance to a certified standard of known accuracy.

Service and Calibration Agreements

We offer on-site preventive maintenance, calibration and operator training on service agreement basis that typically includes two visits per year.

Installations & Operator Refreshment Training

We provide complete checkout of equipment prior to equipment startup or existing system restart; and basic measurement task refreshment training.

Quality Systems (SPC/SQC) Implementation Consulting

We basic SPC training for those clients who want to get familiarized themselves with common statistical tools and methods used in conjunction with their measurement equipment.

Components Outsourcing and Consulting

We can help you keep your measurement instrument running even if the required parts are no longer readily available. We can outsource, install and repair obsolete parts on component level, or remanufacture any part assemblies you might need.

Instrument Sub-System Upgrades on Component Level

Sometimes it is better to replace obsolete part or assembly with an updated version of the same or similar component or assembly. HP Engineering provides upgrade engineering and installation services in order to keep your equipment running regardless of its age.

Upgrade and Modification Services

HP Engineering provides various upgrades and modifications from simple PC updates to complete equipment rebuilds. Please contact us in order to find out what updates are available for your equipment.

Phone, Email and Fax support

We provide phone, email and fax support to our clients with questions about instrument usage or to help them with troubleshooting when necessary.