Vacuum Tester

Automated Vacuum Testing for Rigid Bottles and Containers

HP Engineering Vacuum Tester VAC-3000 is an automated, easy to use method of testing and measuring vacuum resistance of rigid bottles and containers. Full PLC control ensures accurate and repeatable vacuum testing not found on other vacuum testers. VAC-3000 enables precisely controlled detection of the maximum level of vacuum that a container can withstand before it becomes distorted or fails. Applications include quality testing of products on the production floor, incoming inspection of purchased containers, and R&D of new container designs. The VAC-3000 is ideal for verifying quality and performance capabilities of containers used in applications that utilize hot-fill and similar methods where containers are subject to stress and distortion due to internal vacuum forces.

Test results are displayed on a large, easy-to-read color touch screen. Test results can also be retrieved through the built-in serial port for third party data collection systems.

The VAC-3000 features a compact tabletop design for easy operation and is fully self-contained, requiring no maintenance. A unique FDA approved vacuum test pad design enables seamless testing of containers with mouth diameters ranging from 0.5 inches to 9 inches, requiring no adjustments or tooling.

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